Melido Perez Cost Me 2 Wins Last Week!

Getting swept by the Yankees was bad. Losing two out of three to the Twins at home is worse. Now the Rangers head out on the road for 10 games against playoff caliber teams. I mentioned that this stretch of games will tell us a lot about this Ranger team. I don’t like what I am hearing.
Let’s switch gears and talk fantasy baseball:

Melido Perez cost me two wins this past week. Oh not directly, but the memory of him haunts me to this day. I am sure Perez has retired to some cozy little Dominican village. He is probably sipping Pina Coladas under the shade tree by the beach telling people how great he was. Like all former players, the older he gets, the better he was. It must be nice living off the millions the Yankees overpaid him in the 90’s. He was paid over $15 Million by the Yankees from 1992 to 1995 and had a record of 33-39 for them or $454,545.46 per win, making him the early 90’s equivilent to Chan Ho Park and an early poster boy for the failed long term pitching contract.

Our fantasy baseball league has this obscure little rule that once you put a player on the DL, you can activate them before coming off the DL, but if they were never activated, you can’t put them back on the DL. You must keep them on your active roster or drop them completely. During his stint with the Yankees, Perez alledgedly had some value as a fantasy starter and as was often the case, was placed on the DL. It was Memorial Day weekend and he was scheduled to come off the DL and pitch on Monday. Since he had pitched on a rehab assignment and was scheduled to pitch twice that week in favorable matchups, I activated him. After the 12:00 transaction deadline, I was watching the game on ESPN when they switched coverage to the bullpen and reported that Melido had “tweaked” his arm and not only would he not be starting the game, but would not be activated from the DL. So I had to take nothing that week and then drop him. He came back later that year and was picked up by another team, although he was less than stellar.

Fast forward to 2006. C.C. Sabathia hurts his side on opening night, sending him to the DL. On Monday May 8 he is scheduled to come off the DL and have a 2 start week, although he does have to face the White Sox in one of the starts. Do I activate him “on the come” and drop a middle relief spare that has been holding his place? I decide that it’s too risky with a pitcher as valuable as C.C., especially considering he could “tweak” his side like he did on opening night. I keep him on the DL just in case. Of course, he pitches two great games, nailing down two badly needed wins.

I hope Melido chokes on his Pina Colada.


One comment

  1. dave

    Following A-Rods and Jorge’s blasts, it was carnival atmosphere.. Relief ascended into the dark, New York, night sky… Songs and chants of various types, echoed around the hallowed arena.. It was a magical, wonderful, awesome feeling. One like you haven’t felt, since receiving something precious as a child from a grandparent..

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