BEARS WIN!!!!!!!!!!!!

I know it’s not baseball, but I have to write something about the Bears victory over the Cardinals tonight. I invited my dad over to watch the game on my HDTV and it was a complete *** whipping for 2 plus hours. Grossman was laughably bad, throwing wounded ducks down the middle, asking them to be picked. He didn’t take care of the ball and seemed to make a habit of throwing a 50 yard pass on third and short. I like the quote by Steve Young when he commented that he had not seen a quarterback play a worse game – pretty strong commentary.

After his fourth pick seemingly ended the game with the Bears down 13 points midway through the 4th quarter, dad couldn’t take any more punishment (from the Bears and my whining). After he left, I walked into the bedroom and told my wife that if the Bears had a warm glass of milk at QB, we would have a chance, but Grossman was horrible with 4 picks and 2 lost fumbles to add to a ridiculously bad number of yards / completions. How can one player turn it over 6 times in one game!

I walked back into the living room just as Urlacher forced the fumble and the Bears scored another TD to pull within 6. The defense was taking control and got another big stop. I was hopeful that the offense could redeem themselves, getting the ball back with 3 minutes to go. Then Hester runs back the punt for a TD, giving the Bears the lead. While he was running for paydirt, I was rooting for him to outrun those guys trailing him because our offense wouldn’t be able to punch it in. I called Dad’s cell and home number, but could not contact him.

I really though the Bear D would stop the Cardinals on downs to end the game, but Leinart made some plays to get them in field goal range. Then in typical Cardinals fashion, Rakers missed the kick wide left and the Bears had the victory.

Here are my other observations from the game:


The Edge has no running room, but he seems to be mailing it in too. Watching him sit on the sideline when they needed their feature back to grind out the clock with first downs says a lot. He is not the guy and is an expensive ineffective back.


Matt Leinart was awesome. He is small and doesn’t have a good arm, but he already reminds me of Joe Montana. He is a winner on a losing team. He has some quality receivers, but not much else. That fumble can’t be blamed on him as the DE came in totally unblocked. He led his team to makeable field goal range against a great defense. Many teams will rue the day they passed on him. Just imagine if he played for the Bears and Grossman played for the Cardinals. It would have been 42-0 Bears.


Denny Green is a loser. His play calling and failure to capitalize on numerous Bear errors cost them the win. He is known for pulling defeat out of the jaws of victory. If it weren’t for the EEOC, he would be unemployed. His press conference after the game was a joke. He made some comment about playing the Bears in preseason. What? As Brian Urlacher said after the game when asked to compare this to playing the Cardinals in the Pre-season “Pre-season, (low chuckle) I don’t even remember the preseason.”


Green should have gone with the “Bourbon Bowl offense” made popular in the Waterboy. If the Cardinals would have taken a knee three times and forced the Bear offense to beat them in the 4th quarter, the Cardinals would have won.


Brian Urlacher is my hero. He never gave up. He forced that big fumble that turned into a TD. He was everywhere in the second half, making play after play. If the Edge got the ball, #54 was all over him and would wrap him up for no gain or a loss.

Is there a quarterback controversy in Chicago? Grossman was worse than CHutch or Drew Henson, which is saying a lot. Hopefully he will stop reading his press clippings (which will be quite different this week).

I am sorry dad missed the wild finish. I almost turned off the TV myself. Maybe the Bears are a team of destiny.


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