Hitless Wanderings to Visit New York and Boston (and I need your help – please leave comments!)

Last year’s Ballpark tour is being followed up by a brief trip to see three old ballparks that I have never seen in person. I am really looking forward to this trip. I thank my wife for coming along with me (voluntarily) to visit these Cathedrals of Baseball. Here is the agenda for our “quickie” East coast baseball trip:

Sunday 1:00 – Angels at Yankees – I was able to get cheap tickets on EBAY, so we don’t have great seats. We are in the Upper Terrance right behind home plate. We will be getting there early so we can walk around the Stadium and get some pictures. We plan on taking the ferry from Hoboken to Yankee Stadium. Has anyone ever done that?


Monday 7:05 Indians at Red Sox – My friend was not able to help me out with reasonable tickets. I know Boston is sold out for the entire season but was hoping there would be something reasonable out there. I haven’t found them yet. We aren’t driving to Boston and then not go to the game, but I don’t really want to pay $100 per ticket for lousy seats. Where is the place near the ballpark where scalpers congregate to sell tickets? Do I need to be concerned about the police? Our hotel is in Cambridge. I was planning on walking to Fenway and taking a cab back that night. Should we walk back or is that too dangerous? The map I used says its 2 miles from Fenway to my hotel.

Tuesday – We are going to be in Boston most of the following day and wanted to see the sights. We plan on walking the Freedom Trail. Are there any other must-see places or must-sample food (besides Chowder)?


Wednesday 7:05 Giants at Mets – We were able to get a good deal on mezzanine tickets right behind home plate. Our tickets allow us access to the Diamond Club. Is that worth eating there? We aren’t really planning on spending much time around Shea, but we were going to check out the US Open Tennis site nearby. We have to park our rental car at Shea. Any advice on that?

I am looking for offbeat things around the parks that will be unique to that location. We planned on hitting a sports bar or two around Fenway and then hanging out just beyond the monster while the teams take batting practice. I am expecting it to be a carnival atmosphere on Memorial Day at Fenway.

One idea I had was getting a Yankees and Red Sox t-shirt, and then wearing the “wrong” one to each ballpark. I might learn some new cuss words or other “colorful” language. It might also answer the age old question – “Are Yankee or Red Sox fans more obnoxious?” While driving around New York we will visit all 5 boroughs, so at least I can say I have been to all of them now.

Any suggestions would be appreciated.

I will try to add something to my blog every day while on the trip.



  1. EMC

    Tom — I’ve been to Yankee Stadium – I’ll be interested to hear your thoughts first – then I’ll tell you mine.

    I’ve also been to Fenway – you shouldn’t have a problem walking within 2 miles of the park after a game. One of my friends (a woman) who lives in Boston parks downtown by the botanic gardens and walks about 3 miles to and from the games, at night and never has a problem. If at all possible – get tickets for the tour of Fenway – it is great and you can get your picture taken sitting on the seats on top of the Green Monster.

    When the baseball group I travel with went to Boston in 2005 – we purchased tickets on one of those tour company that run buses that go around to all the sights on a schedule. The nice thing is those bus tickets are good for all day, you can get on and off the bus at any site you want to see and stay as long as you’d like. I highly recommend taking the tour of the USS Constitution – the oldest Navy ship still in operation – the docent’s at the Old North Church are all very knowledgeable and full of good information. If you can manage a dinner in one of the local places in Little Italy – do it! We ate a place that I think was Il Famila Georgina (or something like that) the food was great – tiny place – wonderful atmosphere and right down the street from a wonderful bakery that stays open late too. I was told by one of the local scribes that the chowder at Fenway was good – and he was right – loved it.

    Enjoy the trip – and some good baseball!

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