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The following questions are about 60/40 AL and Rangers Questions based on the 2007 season. Let’s see how much you remember about last year’s bargains and busts. I will specify if the answer is a Ranger or in one case, a former Ranger player.
As I looked through the year end stats, I noticed a lot of weird things and some things I expected.

#1 – ARod’s season was head and shoulders better than anyone. (.314/143/54/156/24) Therefore, this quiz will not use him as the answer to any question.

#2 – How in the heck did Carlos Pena put up those stellar numbers? (.282/99/46/121/1) He gets my vote as “least likely to repeat 2007”.

Here is the scale of your level of baseball knowledge:

18-20 – TR Sullivan material
14-17 – Tom Greive wannabe
10-13 – Favorite TV show is Baseball Tonight
6-9 – Knows nothing about the Rangers
3-5 – Needs to mix in a game
0-2 – Were you in a Coma last year?

1) What two teammates were in the top 3 in AL batting average in 2007?


2) The AL K’s leader is the only starter in the top 3 in K’s that will remain with the same team in 2008. Who is he?

3) Who led the Rangers in HR’s last year?

4) Only one Ranger hitter had more than 50 walks last year? Who was it?


5) Of the 5 Rangers pitchers with the most innings, who had the lowest ERA?

6) For starters with 100 or more IP, who led the AL in ERA in 2007?


7) The AL Saves leader had 5 more than anybody else. Who is he?

8) Of players with 20 or more SB’s, he had the best success rate, having one CS in 27 attempts?

9) I struck out a league leading 164 times in only 395 at bats (41.5% of the AB’s). I was also second in the AL in walks with 105. I led my team in HR’s with 26. Who is this patient but whiffable slugger?

10) Only one team had two players with 30 plus HR in 2007. Name the players.

11) I tied for 42nd in the AL with 18 homers, but I led my team in HR’s. Who am I?

12) I am a total spare, weighing 205 pounds. Of AL players with more than 150 at bats, I had the lowest BA at a pathetic .148. If .200 is the Mendoza line, maybe .150 will be named after me.

13) I had the most AB’s in the AL (430) without hitting an HR which is better than Jason Kendall the year before. At least I stole 27 bases and hit .293, so I wasn’t a total spare (like Kendall)

14) I had as many K’s as Brad Wilkerson, as many HR’s as Gerald Laird and a slugging percentage 13 points below “Salty”. What Ranger am I?

15) I was a great middle relief find in 2007 going 5-1 with a 1.47 ERA and a WHIP of 0.76. My claim to fame was throwing strikes. Among pitchers allowing less than 10 walks, I had the most innings pitched – 79? I also struck out 80 while only walking 9.


16) I am one wild and crazy guy. Despite winning 18 games, striking out 183 hitters and posting an ERA of 3.66, I led the league in both HBP’s (19) and Wild Pitches (17). Who is the owner of these Bobby Witt like stats?

17) I led the league in HR’s allowed in 2007

18) I was third in the AL in HR’s allowed, but I only needed 139 IP to give up 28 dingers. What former Ranger’s great is this?

19) Power outage up the middle? In 2007, only one player who played 90% or more of his games at a middle infield position hit more than 20 HR? Who is it?


20) Only 2 regular catchers (250 plus AB) hit over .300 in 2007. Everyone should know Jorge Posada hit .338. Who was the other?



  1. Tom

    Hopefully you have filled out all your answers and not cheating!

    1) Mags and Polanco of your Detroit Tigers

    2) Scott Kazmir (not CC Sabathia as I would have guessed)

    3) Sammy Sosa with just 21 despite limited playing time. He ranked tied for 26th in the league.

    4) Ian Kinsler with 62 – The Rangers need to work more walks.

    5) Brandon McCarthy at 4.87 – the others were Millwood 5.16, Loe 5.36, Padilla 5.76 and Tejada with 6.61 (man, that is ugly!)

    6) John Lackey – 3.01

    7) The totally spare Joe Borowski had 45 saves despite having an ERA of over 5

    8) Curtis Granderson – triples aren’t all he did last year

    9) Jack Cust – those are some really weird stats

    10) It’s not the Yankees or the Red Sox – it’s the White Sox with Paul Konerko and Jim Thome (Dye had 28)

    11) John Buck – you knew it had to be a Royal, but which one?

    12) Jason LaRue – Hits more like Johnny LaRue, a character on SCTV made famous by John Candy

    13) Reggie Willits – I thought 2007 may be his career year or maybe just his first half.

    14) Michael Young – only 9 HR’s and a .418 slugging percentage – not a good sign

    15) Rafael Betancourt – and they continued to let Boroski close games!

    16) Justin Verlander – he’s still young

    17) Johann Santana 33 in just 219 innings – and he is now the highest paid pitcher in baseball

    18) John Danks – everyone was asking if we was ready for the bigs – apparently not!

    19) Jhonny Peralta – 21 – Guillen played other positions too much

    20) Victor Martinez – how long will be an every day catcher?


    Dang, Tom, you posted the anwsers right here, when I was gonna post mine (I was hoping you would grade awnsers in a future post)!

    Oh, well – I would have gotten 13 right – I just missed being a Tom Greive wannbe – the Scott Kazmir question ******** me. I was gonna guess CC too. And I was thinking Mark Teahen, not John Buck on the Royals question. Those cost me.

    In any case, nice quiz.

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