First base merry go round continues

Ben Broussard being designated for assignment ends a brief but mistake filled stint here.  He has been a platoon player nearly his whole career.  He has been a poor hitting 1B, a position that usually demands a strong bat.  Unlike the famous song New York, New York; if you can’t make it as a hitter in the Ballpark in Arlington, you can’t make it anywhere.  The Rangers blew over $3.5MM on this mistake. 

We now have Chris Shelton, who has done nothing since his hot start fro Detroit 2 years ago.  We have the aging, all bat, no glove Catman, who also has virtually no power as well.  Will they make there error complete and call up Gold before he’s ready?

Millwood going on the DL is a shock to the suddenly lights out starting pitchers.  I say good.  Let’s see what the kids can do.   (Please repeat 1000 times so this can sink in!)



  1. Ryan A

    Yeah. It did end, rather abruptly huh?

    But, it was fun while it lasted.

    I agree re: Wash, noone would want the job really, let Wash get beat up. I think he’s one of the great baseball guys out there, only probably more of a 3B coach/bench coach….he’s hard not to like in that regard, but it’s a business and well, we know how that is.

    Broussard, I played against him when he was at McNeese, I hated him then (not literally) and I never understood why in the world they’d sign him to that kind of coin.

    I say throw a 1B mitt on Nelson Cruz, give him one more shot, he’s got great batspeed, maybe he figured out how to sit back on some offspeed stuff. I’m not big on breaking up our OF situation right now. Murphy is starting to scare me a little, getting beat up on soft stuff away!!!

    Shelton does not look like a ballplayer at all, he belongs on the Silver Bullet softball team. Cruz, in my opinion, just deserves one more shot, he’s only got 440 or so ab’s over 3 seasons….less than Botts, but Botts had the longest swing on the planet, he was owned middle-in….I know it’s kinda out there but look at the alternatives.

    Anyway man, thanks for visiting, I subscribed to your blog, I also put your link on mine.

    Us Ranger fans gotta stick together….

    Take care-

    Ryan A

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