Rangers Fall To Second Place

If anyone is reading this, I feel sorry for you.  You must be trying to read anything possible.  I have been on hiatus for a few years, but decided I needed to start blogging again. 

Here are a few “scattershots”:

Well, the Rangers won’t be wire to wire champs this year after all.  Jered Weaver is currently on fire and the Rangers wasted a pretty good outing by Matt Harrison.

Nellie Cruz looks to be in a huge funk since the Yankee series.  Thad Bosley needs to pull him aside and get head right with ball.  Why anyone is pitching to Beltre with Cruz struggling so badly right now is beyond me.

Michael Young is showing us why the Rangers are so much better than without him.  He seems to get clutch RBI’s every night and rarely has a bad at bat.  When the Rangers face quality pitchers, MY is the rock in the middle of the lineup.

Now that the Angles are gone, the Rangers need to take care of business against the Royals.  They have a deep farm system, but right now their talent isn’t major league ready.

The Central Division is really up for grabs this year with all the favorites scuffling through April.  How long before Ozzie blows a gasket and gets fired?

Mitch Moreland looks better with each game he plays.  It’s also great that he can fill in at right field.  After Chris Davis’ typical 0 for 4 with a hat trick on Monday night and Napoli’s scary defense at first (or behind the plate too), I want to see Mitch penciled in every game.  I was glad that the Rangers called up Teagarden.  They need to be able to swap out catchers, pinch hit or pinch run without fear of losing the DH or being down to an emergency catcher.
Who is going to step up and fill the void as a right-handed relief pitcher?  Now that Tobin is on the 60 day DL and Lowe got sent down, O’Day and Strop are the only 2 short relief pitchers.  With Scheppers on the minor league DL, who is next to come up?  

Tom Hicks continues to haunt the Rangers.  The latest snafu about Hicks trying to raise parking fees is pure TOH.  I didn’t realize he still had any control over those lots until last week.  I think we need to organize other parking in the area and have all true Ranger fans boycott Hicks’ lots.  I have always thought the cost of parking was outrageous at the ballpark (although Jerry has raised the bar on crazy parking fees). 


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