Rangers in tailspin

Josh is already out and now Cruz may miss some time too?  Not good.

To put things in perspective, the Rangers lost to a team last night that had Adam Kennedy batting 3rd and Miguel Olivo batting cleanup.  That looked like a split squad spring training lineup.

Wash isn’t exactly pushing all the right buttons.  Loved the suicide squeeze call.  His pitching choices were horrible.  Ogando still looked strong and should have started the 7th.  After Strop’s terrible 7th, what in the world was Wash thinking abut bringing him back in the 8th?

Even though Feliz is expected back later this week, one player will not solve the Rangers bullpen woes.  Last year, Frankie, Holland, O’Day and Ogando were the 7th and 8th inning guys along with Oliver.  They are all gone with Rhodes and Eppley to replace them.  Clearly, that isn’t enough.  They really need o get a solid 7th or 8th inning guy.  My suggestion – make a move for Octovio Dotel.  They really need a right hander really bad.  The Jays would probably deal him if they got a good prospect or two. MAKE IT HAPPEN!  


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