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Punch AJ! – Yes, I would like to do that!

“Punch AJ works” – I guess the MLBlog that touted “punching AJ” really worked. I am sure those people thought they were voting for the chance to really punch him as opposed to just voting him on the All-Star team. They are going to be ticked off that no one is really going to punch AJ! If they could arrange this during the 7th inning stretch, I would have voted to punch AJ.
Here is Michael Barrett about to cast his vote.Abouttovote

Conspiracy freaks should have fun with this. Did anyone really vote for AJ the player? I doubt if anyone will admit voting for that miserable human being! It would not surprise me if AJ has a clause where he gets an All-Star bonus, so he hired a bunch or people to create an ad campaign and stuff the electronic ballot box. That’s the only plausible explanation I have for this. I was quite distressed to see that one of the most obnoxious human beings in the world was added to the 2006 All-Star team for the AL. A.J. Pierzynski is the last person I would expect to win any popularity contest like the “last man” promotion of MLB. I know this promotion is more about making money than adding another player, but I am shocked that the voters chose so poorly.

I am neither a White Sox fan, nor a White Sox hater, but A.J. epitomizes the arrogance that made Barry Bonds famous. First of all, he’s not that good. Ok, he’s having a decent first half, but compared to Verlander, Hafner and Liriano, it’s nothing special. I saw one fan forum where somebody was defending him by saying “He has won everywhere he has gone.” – Come again? Other than the White Sox, where else has he won?

I also hold nothing against him for the dropped third strike situation in the World Series. He was doing what any other hustling ball player would do. That was the fault of the catcher and the umpire. I am also not a Cubs fan, so I hold nothing against him for the fisticuffs that ensued in May of this year. I will admit that because of our family’s dislike of A.J. we were voting for Michael Barrett for the NL All-Star team. As a matter of fact, our favorite T-Shirt of the whole trip had a version of the picture below with the words – “Who says the Cubs can’t hit?”

Here is Michael Barrett casting his vote.Barrett

I can see it now. In 2008, the Democrats will come out with the “Punch Hillary” campaign and she will roll into the White House. Keep this quiet; we better not give them any ideas.


Scattershooting While Pondering Barry Passing 714 – Who cares?

I don’t understand why so many people feel there should be so much hoopla surrounding Barry Bonds passing Babe Ruth’s mark of 714. It’s not the record anymore. Hank Aaron has that record now. When Barry gets close to 755, give me a call, because that will be worth reporting. If he does reach that lofty peak (which is far from a sure thing) it will probably be rather short lived. This record isn’t going to last the nearly 50 years that the Babe’s record lasted, nor the 32 years and counting of Aaron’s record. ARod will probably break it, and if not him, Phat Albert Pujlos may have something to say about it.
I hope the Rangers losing 4 of their first 5 games on this home stand has not answered my “Are the Rangers for Real?” question, but I think it did. I am trying not to have a knee jerk reaction to that sweep by the Yankees, but it does not bode well. The Rangers still tend to live and die by the Home Run. They won Monday’s game without hitting one, which is a rare occurrence. The fact that Millwood got Chan Ho’s disease, giving up 9 earned runs to the Twins in less than 2 innings is even more troubling. Were it not for Jon Koronka pitching like a major league veteran, this staff would look really ugly.

My homeboy Jim Thome continues to batter AL pitchers. He now has as many HR’s as he had all last year. He needs to stay in the AL where he belongs. The White Sox remain on a roll although the loss of Contreras will hurt. He had been pitching like a Cy Young candidate before he got hurt. It will be a dogfight between the White Sox and the Indians this year. The Twins starting pitching isn’t performing well enough to compensate for their lack of offense, so they probably won’t be contending this year. The Tigers have a better chance of competing in the central, but aren’t as good as the Sox or Tribe.

Delmon Young got suspended 50 games for his bat throwing incident. Craig Owens, who owns Delmon’s rights in our Fantasy Baseball league, isn’t terribly pleased with the Young man’s behavior. I chalk his frustration up to the Devil Rays for continuing to keep him down on the farm while playing spares like Damon Hollins. Some people think this is immaturity showing, I think it’s more his frustration. Could it be that current Rays management is even less competent than the previous crew? That would be saying a lot!